Recycle and dominate!

The issue of environmental protection concerns us all, especially young people who will most likely feel the consequences of unsafe management of the environment protection.

About the project

The project “Recycle and Dominate!” focuses on raising, improving and expanding the knowledge among students of primary schools about the need and necessity of change in the handling of packaging waste (paper, cardboard, PET packaging, cans, nylon), which is produced in the household, as in terms of the use and conservation of natural resources.

The project specifically insists on household waste because households are one of the largest sources of waste in the community, and at the same time households represent the least space for recycling. Students will learn through workshops how to deal with household waste and it will create the basis for applying this knowledge to a wider community starting with their school. A guide for proper behavior towards the environment was prepared for all participants – Green Good Manners.

The issue of environmental protection concerns us all, especially young people, who will most likely feel the consequences of unsafe management of the environment. That is why the development of their ecological awareness and their involvement in solving problems is of a crucial importance.

The project directly involves over 200 students from 10 elementary schools in Belgrade from the municipalities of Vozdovac, Palilula and Savski venac. Indirect participants of the project were students in elementary schools who came to the information through workshop participants, educators, as well as a wider local community in which primary schools are located.

Cooperation with the public communal company

In cooperation with PCC “City Sanitation”, we will install buckets for the separation of packaging waste in all elementary schools that are participating in the program, after which the waste collection competition will begin. During the duration of the competition, students from all grades will be able to bring household waste to be sorted into certain buckets by type of waste. Teachers will record the individual contribution of students, and PCC “City Sanitation” will measure the total amount of waste at the end of competition. The school that has collected the largest amount of waste, as well as the most active students, will receive valuable rewards at the final event at the end of March.

The project “Recycle and Dominate” is realized in the partnership of the European Youth Center and the Retrogrin Association, funded by NIS Company and the Joint Community Program for 2016.


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