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Cultural routes

Želiš da probaš vino iz Rumunije ili čuvena maslinova ulja iz Istre? Hodaš Napoleonovim stopama u Dubrovniku?

Transfer – Integrated Management Models for Archaelogical Parks

The goal of TRANSFER is to develop, transfer and disseminate a Common Governance Model for...

Green activist: The environment

After the realization of the pilot project 'Environment in the Youth Policy in Serbia', the European Youth Center is continuing its work..

Find a job with your card

The European Youth Center continues with projects that focus on improving standards and increasing the mobility of young people in Serbia.

Recycle and dominate!

The issue of environmental protection concerns us all, especially young people who will most likely feel..

The Way to European Opportunities

From May to November 2013, the European Youth Center launched a project titled "European Youth Card - The Way to European Opportunities".

Promotion of tourist and cultural sites

The goal was for young people to represent themselves and their country in the best way, to make their friends interested..

European Youth Payment Card

The EURO26 project - Youth Information Center was conducted in 2008 and its focus was to provide information..

Online Campaign for a European Youth Card

A person can’t use his rights unless he is properly informed.

National strategy for EYCA in Serbia

The project ’National Strategy for a European Youth Card’ in Serbia was reaized by EURO26 with the support of the EU Delegation in Serbia.

It’s better with culture – youth for culture

The project "Better with Culture - Youth for Culture" focuses on bringing closer the culture and educational..

Same in a different way

Mutual human differences based on race, gender, age, nationality and religion, social and material status.


For the past 4 years, we have conducted over 40 focus groups in Serbia, with youth between 14 and 30 years old.

European dictionary with terms for young people

Realization of the project The European dictionary with terms for young people began in summer of 2010.

European Youth Payment Card

Since September, a new cycle of promotional activities has started in which the European Youth Payment Card has been presented in cooperation with banks.


One of the problems that the youth is facing or, in itself, brings it up, is the problem of discrimination.


One of the objectives of the project is to promote responsible behavior towards the environment.