One of the objectives of the project is to promote responsible behavior towards the environment.

About the project

The project wants to draw attention of the youth population in Belgrade to acute environmental pollution problems and to encourage their wider engagement in solving them. Young people represent a significant resource in the field of environmental protection, so local youth offices will be contacted in order to connect youth and local self-government. Findings of the project ‘Environment in the Youth Policy in Serbia’ showed that the lack of information is the biggest obstacle for involving young people in the activities. That is why one of the main goals of the project is to raise awareness and educate young people, especially high school students, by promoting the Green Code of Conduct, which will be found in the youth guide called Green guide of good manners. This guide for proper environmental behavior will be presented in 12 schools and 8 local youth offices in Belgrade so that a large number of young people will acquire the necessary skills for making important decisions and taking part in actions.

Also, one of the objectives of the project is to promote responsible behavior towards the environment through the competition ‘Belgrade through the green lens’. Young people will have the opportunity to record polluted areas of Belgrade through their lens as well as examples of ecologically clean territories that serve as a model.

The competition will run from August 12th to October 6th and the received photos will be showed at an open exhibition, in order to draw public attention to the problem of pollution. When closing the exhibition, best photo will get an award.

What is the goal of the project?

In the long term, the project will contribute to the increased participation of young people, especially local youth offices, in environmental protection activities, as they will have all the necessary information on how to behave properly and when to participate in these activities. The European Youth Center will work on the continuous updating of information on the activities in the field of environmental protection  on the Green activist portal.

The project ‘Belgrade through a green lens’ is being implemented by the European Youth Center in cooperation with the city municipality of Zemun with the support of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade.

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