A research team was established with the aim to independently conduct research in the largest university centers in Serbia.


Through the European Youth Center, a research team was developed, able to independently organize and conduct research in the largest university centers in Serbia. Now under the title RESEARCH CENTER, we are specialized in testing focus groups, making qualitative interviews and creative workshops. We also offer professional counseling when it comes to general topics related to young people, as well as contemporary youth cultural phenomena. All stages of the process are transparent and they  are conducted in a good spirit of European research in accordance with which we are trained.

Students are not restricted by parental decisions like high school students, but the vast majority of them still gets finances from their parents, and are indirectly limited in the choice of travel destinations.

Price is one of the main factors that determine a choice for a particular destination. Staff of the RESEARCH CENTER in Serbia includes: research project manager – senior researcher with more than 5 years of experience in this field, junior researcher, and research assistant.

Our network of associates includes the following cities:
– Belgrade
– Novi Sad
– Niš
– There is also the possibility of involving Kragujevac into the research network in near future.

Method focus group includes people gathered in a number of different groups, who have certain common characteristics. The focus group discussion provides valuable information of a qualitative nature, but it must be guided by a qualified moderator.

The biggest difference in relation to quantitative research is that using a qualitative method, the reason why “young people” have a certain opinion on the given topic becomes visible.