The Way to European Opportunities

From May to November 2013, the European Youth Center launched a project titled “European Youth Card – The Way to European Opportunities”.

About the project

From May to November 2013, the European Youth Center launched a project titled ‘European Youth Card – The Way to European Opportunities’.

This project is primarily focused on introducing high school students with the EYCA card and the benefits it provides, since the survey showed that this group is heavily interested in cards. Discussions were held in secondary schools and student dormitories. In Belgrade, 11 discussion meetings were held where 705 students participated in these discussions, followed by 16 discussion meetings in secondary schools and student dormitories in 15 cities of Serbia.

All youth offices have been contacted and they run the promotion of the EYCA card through their advertising channels and social networks. In the presentations, students were given the opportunity to participate in the discussion in order to get information about the focus of their interest and how to improve the card’s benefits. The workshops were very important for further work, especially for the development of benefits in smaller cities in Serbia. Brochures with detailed information about discounts as well as information on EOC’s activities, projects and competitions were distributed.

During the project, a user base was established that enables cardholders to create user accounts, monitor different events, news and to have access to various vouchers. The purpose of the database is reliable and fast communication with cardholders that enables strategic partners such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports, faster and easier access to youth and their needs.

Within the framework of the project, the Day of Europe was marked with the presence of numerous officials from the country and abroad. At the beginning of the project, a photo contest was held to reflect the spirit of Europe, entitled ‘Europe and Me’, which attracted more than 200 young people who sent their photos, and State Secretary for Youth and Sports Nenad Borovcanin presented the awards to the best.

Youth Day

In August, cooperation with the National Sports Union of 3 × 3 Basketball of Serbia was realized and at this event on Youth Day young people from all over Serbia watched the competition of 12 teams in the basketball games. Finalists were awarded with the EYCA cards. The event also had significant media support.

A creative video competition ‘European Youth Card and I’ was also announced. The topic of the competition was that young people introduced the way they see the European Youth Card and what it represents for them. The top 10 proposals were presented at the final event, and the most creative were awarded at the European Youth Center in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

During October, discussion meetings were held in the Sports Associations in Serbia, which included the presentation of the EYCA card benefits among athletes.